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I’m currently a Treecko.




I remember this one time 4-5 years ago everyone drew Kyle like some sort of trap

Dark days


i’m aliiiive!


i’m aliiiive!




Tumblr user Zamii070 is the biggest WEEB pass it on




Any photographers out here who can recommend me some cameras?
My photography course doesn’t really specify which camera is best to buy so im pretty curious on which one would be good especially for beginners
sorry for the big spam of text Id spam with drawings but i think ya’ll know why thats not happening

On another note my boss kept on complaining about one of us have been being lazy to put the shoe size order in the wrong places

and It was so nerve wrecking because while on a busy sunday sometimes customers would be all demanding or just not very sure what they want would keep on asking for more shoes to try on and i would just tend to stack all the shoes in the back on the folding tables we have

and I do right away put them away after the horde is gone and I take the time to put them in the correct order but still i get very nervous because i feel like one of the newer guys are the ones who are doing this and probably dont mean to do it too but we already lost one co-worker and the assistant manager was taken off the schedule because I don’t know my manager doesn’t like it when people take days off or something idk i dont really talk to him about that sort of stuff

but I just hope that im not the only one who admits to making some mistakes and he’ll automatically assume that im the one doing all the mix up and end up getting fired over it

anyways i was putting up new merchandises today
they were these huge ass coats
i take 3 boxes thinking oh at least 3 coats are in this box
and then the last box left to cut open tag and hang up
theres like 10 of them
very practical Walls - -;;;

I do like working at this store but boy retailing sure can be a bit hard
I feel confident about my knowledge with boots and the need for people who work at certain jobs like carpeting or construction because I eavesdrop my boss when he makes a sell

And i hope that everyone especially the newer people who got hired arent all about making every damn sale to win the contest because most likely theyre not paying attention to what theyre doing because theyre so focused on nailing that 200 dollar sale

It’s only really 25 dollars that you win;

I’m not really complaining about work or anything
It’s pretty chill compared to places like Starbucks Tim Hortons or Ross
i mean the coffee places just get too hectic especially in the morning they open at fuckin 6 too

I open at 10am fold clothes for the majority of the time so its really all cool.

plus i got this really nice jacket from my store so its like AH YEAH

sayonaraheaven : Well the problem is that I HAVE been doing regular scans about every month but I’m thinking just the TrendMicro Anti-Virus isn’t strong enough to be able to clean absolutely everything so I might just switch back to Kaspersky but I know for sure that ive been regularly scanning cleaning and making important updates ever since i got the computer ;3;

wyrdson : You know you’re probably right with dA because I have gotten viruses from dA years back but it hasn’t shown to be the case for a long time, but maybe I did just depend too much on my anti-virus and the adblocks too much that one might have just slipped through from dA and infected my computer

Mmmm either way I’ll probably be only limiting my browsing time on tumblr and deviantart and use my notebook once its fix for school purposes only and save up some money for a really good computer like that ASUS gamiing laptop or maybe generally just a desktop PC with better capacity and graphics, I still need to fix my password issue with my toshiba that i havent used in a long time because of the constant overheating and the bezel falling apart and impossible to fix without completely destroying it, and I can definetly trust that my dad can fix that little issue but I just don’t trust him with this ASUS laptop

Sorry for the more chitchat and @ stuff I don’t know if the mention people actually get a notification when I do this but I cant copy/paste the responses like I could have on a normal computer so sorry if its a bit annoying D:

I ordered the recovery disc
ugh note to self make my own before i ever do any shit on any computer;

I really do wonder how there are people in the world who hasnt had problems with their computer I mean i wouldn’t know how i got malware if thats the reason why my computer completly crashed and in need of a recovery disc;
I don’t even go on websites other than here Deviantart and Youtube i dont even click on any goddamn suspicious links so I have NO idea why i just get the worst luck with computers

and its frusterating because as great as it is having phones being able to access internet you cant download photoshop or other programs you need for schooling and shit so I still NEED a computer;

Anyways i hope this works out because I do want to get back on commissions because there is this one person on deviantart still waiting on me for months and I really want to get back to it and finish it off ASAP

I mean i get paid pretty ok and ive been willing to work extra hours when asked but like

$40 for phone bill (no big deal really its pretty cheap for a smartphone with verizon as the provider)
$71 for recovery disc (okay we’re getting a bit too pricy here)
$495 for this Fall Semester (HOLY SHIT)

Its really a lot that im going to be spending this end of the month and its very frusterating

So I’m just really hoping to get enough money for an extra computer like the ASUS gaming laptop because this ASUS notebook PC i just feel like its just really cheap considering it was $340 US

and I know some are going to ask ‘Why don’t you have Financial Aid ?”

Well their excuse for not being able to grant me financial aid help is because “she makes too much money”
Hopefully ill be able to hold on to my job for a long time and be able to get it under my name as an independant so i wouldn’t need to get my moms tax shit to try to help me.

so yeah im just being sucked dry ;n ;

hopefully my computer will be up and running again by this week because I HAVE ONLINE CLASSES and i could REALLY use it for my assignments;.

Anyways i started Aikido class last saturday and i gotta say it was really fun but enough about me
anyways have a good day and i gotta run to work

also ps I WISH I HAD A SPARE CAR fuckin tired of hitching a ride and i really gotta get going with getting my drivers license

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