What happens when candy magi and I do iScribble sakura mayo and enakai posing like theyre from a fuckin mabeline ad

and it all happened because i had a dream about caro narrating his life as an anime protagonist and sakura is just there ruining it 

idk how that happned i fell asleep watching master chef ;3;


Lets get this image circulating


Lets get this image circulating


ehehe my porrim and callie got deleted. so i’m just gonna post them both back here….

ta-da! ily guys

Your Porrim huh :^y?
Man if I was like 14 I’d be flipping shit but now this is just hilarious

I’ll have to REALLY fix my water mark to be more hard to take off but here is the original post

Im getting my computer set up and i officially got my SAI back!
I will be taking commissions now but ill only take about 4 people in, and seeing as i have already one person who is interested in commissioning me and one other person whom i still need to finish, right now I will be only taking two more people since I have a job now !!!

Ill reblog my commissions and update on more c:


Madoka Magica Prints that will  be available at Anime Expo !!!

Kyouko and Homura are kind of rushed so sorry for bad quality ;A;

all 12x18 sized becaused i fucked up

You can order these prints now! Please send a message I my ask for further information about payment and shipment !

Each poster is 12 x 18 and are 25 USD
PayPal only!

Everything is first come first serve and i only have 5 copies each character so if you wanna snag these guys news a good chance c:.

It’s just getting worse and worse my computer is just so fucked up I decided to reset to factory settings, but it’s stuck at 3%!!!!!

I honestly don’t know what to do at this point I just wanted to clean up my computer completely to maybe solve all the blue screens and crashes and I was never able to figure out whether or not it was a virus malware any of those soft of bullshitting infections :C

I might just resort to raising up money for either a new hardrive, of a completly new computer if this issue keeps on going on unless I find a solution that I can work with. I don’t know how I’ll do commissions and I’m afraid that no one will like my traditional artwork or sketches as commissions either.

It would be real nice if I got some advice for computer problems or suggestions for small commission stuffs because at this point I have no idea how I’m supposed to do homework commissions or generally anything on the computer and I will not resort to taking donations on paypal, it’s feels super inappropriate asking for money and not giving any in return.

Until then my regular commissions are closed and the Madoka Magica prints are still up for sale just message me about it.
People who I talked to about commissions through the ask you guys are still on my list do don’t worry about them being canceled! I just need a good working computer .n.

I hope everyone’s having a nice day or night !
And my first day of work was fantastic ! I got more hours for my first week and everything is kind of self explanatory but I’ll keep doing my best to get better !

So I’ll be selling left over prints here on tumblr and deviantart! I have a tone of them I need to get rid off ( and reprint to a better size for con season next year).
I have posters from 12x18 ( kinda huge I’m sorry) 11 x 17 and 6 x 4 along with cute buttons of POKEMON !
I’ll upload picture examples when I have time this week after I find out what y schedule is for my new part time job !

Have a nice day guys c:


i have followers but i feel like more then half of u are inactive or dead

I got job finally ;W;
I’m going to work at a place called Work World ( sounds funny I know) but it’s a real chill place to be at !
They sell clothing stuff for construction workers and also nursing and other stuff so it should be interesting!

I may do some changes with commissions I’ll most likely just be doing sketch+color commissions because I’ll be very busy >3

How would I go about ordering some of your new madoka magica prints?

I’m not sure how I will go by selling online but definitely will be selling since they didn’t sell so well at AX